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Banks Productions Limited - In ProductionThe Caregivers’ Club

Relatives of dementia victims call themselves members of, “the club no one wants to join.’ They are the unseen and unsung everyday heroes, who manage, in surprising ways, to stay strong and carry on.

The Caregivers’ Club is a candid, intimate portrait of family caregivers over a one year period. It is a compelling and cautionary tale that is only just beginning for an entire generation.

This is not only a story about caregiving but a story about how to live life with hope, love and laughter. It premieres on CBC Docs POV series Sunday, January 14, 2018 at 9:00 pm.


Current Projects In Development


Each person's final stage of life is both at once unique and common to us all. Death is mysterious and moving and its' poetic nature is captured in this feature length documentary that simultaneously films the Passings of four people from around the world. Passings is visually stunning and crafted with little narration yet the moments speak a universal language as four elders prepare and are prepared to leave this life for destinations unknown. This documentary is a gentle and beautiful celebration of life and death.


We live in an ocean of electromagnetic radiation - electrical wiring, power lines, cellular phones, computers, microwaves, grids, phone masts, and wireless meshes (smart meters). Over the last 25 years we've changed the environment on earth completely, increasing the electromagnetic energy by millions and millions of times. We've constructed all of this with absolutely no idea how it affects us and with no way of turning back the clock. Now, there are a whole lot of scientists, doctors, patients, environmental associations, grassroots organizations, governments and even the Supreme Court of Maine questioning whether it's causing perople to be Electrified.

The Real Girls of NYC

This is the first all-girls 'twenty-something' coming-of-age reality series to hit the air. We take four recent female college grads with a sense of 21st Century entitlement and see if they can 'make it' on their own in the big city for the first time in their lives. It's a jungle out there and this series provides the evidence in a humourous and witty way. How do these girls survive in these hard economic times and what lessons can they share? THE REAL GIRLS OF NYC is a fun and entertaining series but as well, subtly shares the growing pains of making compromises and decisions in the real grown-up world.

21st Century Women - 13 x 60 Minutes

They're everywhere. Never before have there been so many women sparkling on the world's stage. They're governing empires, rebuilding war torn countries, commandeering fortunes, making laws, managing banking industries and facing the final frontier of science. They've taken their positions around the boardroom table and in front of the spotlight on their own terms - influencing and changing politics, business, law, and entertainment. And it's hard to believe but the female factor in the 21st Century has never been told in a television series - until now.

To view the trailer for Real Girls click on the link below and enter TRGNYC as the password