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Produced, Directed and Written by Banks Productions Limited

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Beat by the blues Police Constable Carol Banks quits the Toronto Police Service after 14 years. Documenting Banks’ last days on the job, this profile shows the officer under unimaginable pressures and a city that will surprise and dismay.

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A haunting, and yet occasionally humorous personal account of the devastating long-term effects of childhood sexual abuse. Drawn from her own life, Banks artistry and the power of her raw emotions, makes this a moving and compelling story.


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This looming doomsday deadline is pushing people around the globe to protect themselves from what they believe is coming. Meeting with survival groups, this documentary examines why they believe in it and what they get out of this?

Reefer RichesReefer Riches

Reefer Riches is an eye-opening documentary about the corporatization of the weed business: iPad ordering; MBAs at their chi chi boutiques; B.Y.O.C. (Cannabis) New Year’s Eve Bash; Marijuana-infused “baked” clams; and lots of cash.


Click To View VideoOver the Top

This is a short film about a 70 year old man, Rick Harding, living in small town Southern Ontario, Canada who pushes the boundaries of living in every direction. He has traveled around the world to perform antics of every kind.


Directed and Written by Cynthia Banks

Click To View VIdeoThe Real Dirt On Gossip
Let's face it. We all gossip - we seek it, and we spread it. But although gossip has a bad reputation, could it actually be good for you? Find out the inside scoop on our insatiable desire for dishing the dirt.

Click To View VIdeoCustomer (Dis)Service
Customer Service can be intimate or aloof. It can take a long time or end quickly. But these days, it's most often impatient and dysfunctional. This one hour documentary unravels the maddening, humorous, and baffling relationships in the world of customer service.

Click To View VIdeoThe Pagan Christ
Based on Tom Harpur’s national bestseller, The Pagan Christ examines what it would mean if it could be proven that Jesus never existed. What if there was evidence that every word of the New Testament, the cornerstone of Christianity – is based on myth and metaphor?

Click To View VIdeoA Hail Of Bullets
It was the RCMP’s darkest day in more than a century. How did it happen? How could a lone gunman, James Roszko, shoot and kill four Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers before turning his rifle on himself?


Paris Hilton Inc.Paris Hilton Inc.
Famous for doing nothing, Paris Hilton is the ultimate manifestation of our obsession with celebrity culture and the massive profits that it wields. As long as we are willing to watch and read, who can resist feeding our habit?

Dancing With DangerDancing With Danger
Why do some people seek thrills and adventure in the sky? This episode is the fourth-part of a documentary series to commemorate the centenary of flight in Canada and explores the extraordinary deeds of men and women that defy imagination.


Click To View VIdeoThe Sky's The Limit
Look into the world of air travel that includes even more delays, cancellations, higher seat costs and diminishing in-flight services over the next ten years. Traveller frustration is expected to increase as demand exceeds the capacity of our airlines.

Greatest Canadian: Wayne GretzkyGreatest Canadian:
Wayne Gretzky

It all started with a question. Who is the Greatest Canadian? For six weeks the country was talking: What does it take to be a great Canadian? Deborah Grey, former politician and motorcycle enthusiast uses her persuasive debating skills on behalf of hockey legend, Wayne Gretzky.

Microbes Rule The WorldMicrobes Rule The World
Life on Earth is absolutely and totally dominated by microbes. They have shaped our planet – and life on it – in ways we couldn’t have imagined. Jay Ingram explores this new frontier: from rocks in the Antarctic, to hot vents on the ocean floor, to the surface of Mars.


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