Final Productions

The Caregivers' Club

Relatives of dementia victims call themselves members of, ‘the club no one wants to join.’ In this documentary, you’ll get to know four families in their heartbreak, humour and frustration. Their stories unfold over a one-year period as they navigate the erratic stages of this cruel disease. All four are connected to the Baycrest Health Sciences in Toronto where occupational therapist Nira Rittenberg provides advice, support and consolation.

All take you far beyond the practical problems of navigating a seemingly fickle healthcare system, and into the psychological pain of coping with the deterioration of a once-vibrant loved one. It’s a devastating but ultimately inspiring journey thousands of families will be forced to take as the world ages.

The Caregivers’ Club is a candid, intimate portrait of their daily struggles of caregivers yet, it is also a beautiful, surprising look at how to live life with hope, love and laughter.

The Caregivers' Photo